The 24 Āsanam आसनम् – Printable PDF

The 24 Āsanam आसनम् – Printable PDF These two documents include the 24 āsanam in two printable PDFs. One PDF has page breaks so that each āsanam is on a separate page. We did this so you can make notes at the end of each […]

M4 T4 Where to start – as a practitioner

Where to start – as a practitioner  When we have a vehicle, we know exactly what we need to do to maintain it so that it will last us for a long time, work well and get us to our destination. We use it regularly […]

M4 T1 The Purpose of Āsanam

The Purpose of āsanam as one of the eight limbs of Yogaḥ.  The main goal of the āsanam आसनम्  is to keep the body strong and steady and to be able to stay in a physical (meditation) posture for longer periods of time.  The āsanam […]

M4 T2 The Traditional 84 Āsanam

The Traditional 84 Āsanam As we mentioned, āsanam as a seat of meditation is the pure form of the word.  However, there are 84 postures as a part of Haṭhayogaḥ, including āsanam that are standing, seated, forward bends, backbends, arm balances, twists etc.  There are […]

M4 T3 The Important 24 Āsanam

The Important 24 Āsanam Unfortunately, there is a common idea that only āsanam and prāṇāyāmaḥ make up the main practice of Yogaḥ, which unfortunately deprives people of the real yogic practices.  Among the āsanam there are few which are completely necessary in the practice of […]