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Please enter into the home of the sacred teachings of Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra Maharaj ji, that we aim to make accessible globally, easily and foremost: authentically.

This online school consists of a few pillars that you can use, which are:

  • YOGA
  • RETREATS : both virtual and non-virtual
  • RESOURCES for self-study
  • Online courses in HINDI .

The site is under construction, but we will be releasing pillars and new courses as soon as they are ready, so please watch this space and we hope you will join us soon. 

We would also love for other Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra Maharaj ji‘s followers to reach out and connect with us.

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Divya Prabha
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Irene van der Post-Nutter

What Students Say



Dr.Kiran Pattegar, M.D.

I have been taking “Sanskrit Shiksha” and Panini’s Grammar classes with Divya Prabha ji for over 6 months now and it has been for me a very decisive step forwards in many ways. India is today the largest English speaking nation thanks to Macauley who had initiated teaching in English across the nation in the early 1800’s. But he had also regrettably simultaneously dismantled at least 40 traditional centres of learning across India. So, on the one hand English has been a great gift to India and has also served as the portal through which the mind of India could then enter the rest of the world. However, because of the simultaneous dismantling of traditional institutions of knowledge that took place, there has also been an unfortunate “colonisation” of minds in India where successive generations have been educated in an alien metaphor and very often no longer have a living contact with tradition. Increasingly, however, there has been a revival of interest in learning Sanskrit across the nation as a means of gaining true intimacy with traditions. Divya Prabha for me represents the other special relationship the British race has had with India as demonstrated in the lives of Annie Besant, Sister Nivedita, Yogi Sri Krishnaprem , Arthur Osborne etc. It is a relationship of affinity and deep inner identification. For me finding Divya Prabha ji has been an act of Grace. She is an ideal teacher whose own accomplishment as a student is the greatest example and inspiration for all her students.

Dr. Kiran Pattegar, M.D.

To discover the ancient roots of Sanskrit grammar I recommend the course - ‘Panini grammar introduction to Ashtadhyayi’. I joined this course having completed a 2 years diploma course in Sanskrit at University and in the ancient Panini grammar system. I found a very intelligent key for a logical comprehension of grammar rules. But nowadays it is very rare to find someone who can teach Asthadhyayi. Therefore this course is a very helpful tool to someone who wants to go deep inside Sanskrit grammar in an easy and not boring way. Divya Prabha will teach you how to use Ashtadhyayi sutras to understand how grammatical rules are applied and why, how to build verbal conjugations and declension of names in a very logical way. It is an exciting journey in the sea of Sanskrit grammar using Panini text as a map to navigate in and to provide you the coordinates to continue the study towards advanced levels. Divya Prabha is a very dedicated teacher, a guru really devoted to the language and with the help of her fantastic slides a difficult subject as grammar becomes crystal clear. It is very rare nowadays to find a course like this...it is really precious. Strongly recommended.


Sanskrit & Sādhanā student

Biggest thank you for suggesting I join the Sadhana course . Although I couldn't attend all of it on time , I have loved every minute whether revision or new ... and there is loads more new than revision yay ! I think that is because although it is the deepest knowledge that any of us can ever learn, the delivery is inspiring refreshing and cool . Just enough each week but leaving excitement and a thirst for more . I would definitely take the course again . Thank you for all the hard work to create this amazing and rare experience. 🕉🙏🕉🙏🕉🙏🕉🙏🕉🙏

Penny Mcivor

Sādhanā – Yogaḥ Philosophy