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We’ll soon be offering a range of yoga classes, suitable for all timezones. Please join the first weekly class on Tuesdays:

  • 7:30 AM Paris, Amsterdam
  • 6:30 AM United Kingdom
  • 9:30 AM UAE
  • 11:00 AM India
  • 15:30 PM Sydney

If your timezone isn’t listed above , please check it on

The duration of your class 1:15hrs.

A class will consist of :

  • warming-up
  • āsanam (yoga postures)
  • prāṇāyāmaḥ (breathing exercises)
  • meditation

This class is for all levels and will be taught by Irene.

The suggested donation for a package of 7 classes is 52.50 EUR, please see our financial philosophy page. Once you’re through the payment link, a topic will open up bellow with all information you might need in preparation for this class, including the Zoom link.

We’re looking forward to practicing yoga together with you.