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This free course builds on what was covered in Sanskrit Shiksha Level 1 and 2 with slightly more complex sentences covering five lakaras in parasmaipada and atmanepada and eight vibhaktis (6 karakas) . In addition the shabdarupas of rama, griha, ramaa, hari, guru, katr, Bhagavat, gacchat, karin, pathin, nadii, vadhuu, matr, dish, kshud, vaari, jagat, naman, sharman, yushmad, asmad, sarva, kim, tat, aitat, yat, chatur, and panchan will be covered.

Every week a dhatu will be covered in detail starting with atmanepad. 

Varied vocabulary. School, writing related, games, clothing, food, home, parts of the body, family, groups, animals, birds, travel, market, jewellery, grains and fruit.  Pratyayas Kta, ktvatu, shatr, ktva, lyap, tavya and aniiya, lyut, trch, nvul, ktin, Sandhi, dirgha, guna Vriddhi, yan, ayaadi,  schutva, visarga, 

The only prerequisite for this course is that you have completed the Level 2 Sanskrit Shiksha course or an equivalent.

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