M2 T3 The Five Instruments

The Five Instruments Our individual ātmā,  jīvātmā, disposes of five instruments, going through an evolutionary cycle in the manifested Universe: Intellect / citta – चित्त The Citta is the first manifestation of Nature, which we can also call our intellect. This is not our physical […]

M2 T1 Puruṣhaḥ पुरुषः and Prakṛtih प्रकृतिः

Puruṣhaḥ पुरुषः and  Prakṛtih प्रकृतिः To answer this question, we are brought to: Puruṣhaḥ and Prakṛtih that are without beginning. Here are a few helpful analogies to explain these two aspects:  Prakṛtiḥ Puruṣhaḥ Primordial Nature Chaitanyaḥ चैतन्य  (awareness) Śarīram शरीरम् (body)  Śarīram शरीरम् (the life […]