The knowledge you will find here through this portal is priceless. No money in the world could match its value. The people that teach here have received this knowledge through the pure generosity of their teachers: Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawraji Maharaja and Swami Yogananda Parivrajak. 

We feel that Yoga is being monetized, ‘sold’ and misappropriated and it is in line with our philosophy not to join that unfortunate movement. We feel it would soil the intention of sharing this Knowledge and the purity of the teachings. We also believe it would turn you, the receivers of these courses, into consumers rather than seekers of this Knowledge. This is simply not the type of relationship we would like to have with you. 

We would ideally run this school purely on a donation basis, but having this platform up, the creation of the content and basic administration is not for free. Simply to keep the lights on is costing around 500 euros per month. 

(Think about website hosting, domains, our learning management system, software support, Zoom accounts, material translation etc.) 

As you can see, there are courses that are free and others for which we propose a suggested donation. In case someone is truly not able to donate the suggested amount, please email so we can see what is possible. We also sometimes have limited scholarships available – so please contact us if you wish to apply for one of these.

Brahmrishi School of Yoga is purely not for profit. Whatever donations we receive on top of covering our costs, will be invested in getting more course material from Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawraji Maharaja and donated to International Chandramauli Charitable Trust (Yogamission in the UK registered charity). Please read more about ICCT here.