Prāṇāyāmaḥ Masterclass

Prāṇāyāmaḥ Masterclass

31/01/2021 - 13:00 pm - 13:45 pm GMT

Breathe is the shine of yourself.When your soul departs from this body your breath will finish. Breath will start when the soul enters and finishes when the soul departs. Breathe has great meaning in life. Try to watch your breath and concentrate on it and automatically you will enter into your inner life.

Prāāyāma or control of breath, along with the repetition of mantra (Om) with deep breathing is prāāyāma (the discipline of breath). Prāṇāyāmaḥ is the fourth limb of aṣṭāṅgaḥyogaḥ yoga, and the most misunderstood and under-utilised. 

Discover or deepen your knowledge of prāṇāyāmaḥ , the means to master your mind, overcome incurable diseases and achieve Samadhi (Yoga sutra 1.34)

Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra Maharaj ji has transmitted profound knowledge about the deeper workings of prāṇāyāmaḥ and techniques that will be eye opening for the even the most experienced teacher. Beginners are also very welcome and will receive information and techniques that they will not outgrow easily.